Social Media? More like Unsocial Media. Am I right, ladies?

The world has become a bleak place, devoid of human interaction. A hovercraft zooms past as friends gather in the city’s labyrinth of steel and concrete. They silently pull their phones out and begin texting each other.

“Hi badb1tch01, hw r u?”

“Im gud, M186. Sry im late. Supposed to be grounded. #thuglife”

The power of speech has been lost at the hand of social media.

Scary? Sure. Sci-fi? Well no, this future isn’t so futuristic, it’s more or less already happening today.

Well, except for the hovercrafts. That needs to happen already.

We are currently in a world where social media is not just a way of life but basically defines our day-to-day existence. We make ourselves publicly accessible and, in turn, are judged by what we say and do. Under the social media spotlight, people don’t fear retribution, rather they relish over-sharing how much alcohol they consumed last night, how many people they made out with or how many penguins they stole from the zoo with the hashtag YOLO slapped on.

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